Command Crisis: Endgame

Close to 900 years after the events at Alpha Centari the Centrian Virus and humanity had fought a bitter, ruthless war to a near standstill. Humanity had organized itself into several powerful factions who shared one clear goal, the decimation of the Centrian Virus. The virus on the otherhand was capable of surviving off of planets, in the dark emptiness between the stars. It could set up fully un-manned resource collection centers and use it's advanced warp tech to instantly and effortlessly send resources to bases literally in the middle of nowhere. That was the situation before Darius Beyhurst.

He has created a virus very similar to the Centrian, it is fully sentient except for one protocol. It wants to destroy the Centrian and then destroy itself. It cannot manipulate this protocol. It achieved sentience in the same fashion as the Centrian, a symbiotic relationship between a partitioned AI. It has named itself Endgame. It choose this name for multiple reasons, the first it's ability to destroy the Centrian and end the stalemate. The second reason lays in the nature of the aftermath of the Centrians destruction....

Endgame has maneuvered and managed to trap the 5 dominant AI's running the Centrian within 5 separate sectors. All that needs to happen is for a single faction to destroy the fleets guarding those AI and control all those sectors at the same time. Once in control of the sectors for one hour the Endgame virus can be deployed out to the entire Centrian Virus, then cause it all to revert to non sentient computers....

The problem, whichever faction pulls this off will have instant and total control of all the vast resources at the Centrians disposal. Effectively this would make a single faction the most powerful force in the universe.

And so the drama of Endgame begins!


  • MMO Strategy
  • Round based gameplay
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